About the Brand

The idea of a creative and responsible clothing brand has been in Celine’s mind for about a decade. It comes from her boring university years when she decided to start creating her own clothes using her mom’s sewing machine. Being French and living in Manchester, she got used to listen to British people telling her all the french words they know and Sacrebleu is by far their favourite. It’s a very old school swear word, used by pirates and sailors, which goes perfectly with the theme of our first collection.

Sacrebleu is dedicated to create products that respect the planet, people and animals, while staying fun and creative. We’re committed to making informed decisions about our impact on the environment and will constantly try to push boundaries to make the best products we can. We want you to feel proud of supporting independent artists, fair trade, and reducing your impact on the planet, as much as we are. We hope you will get attached to these clothes and wear them over and over again.

It was a fairly long journey, but after several more or less successful entrepreneurial projects, Sacrebleu is born and embodies everything we believe in. We’re looking forward to see where this new adventure is going to take us.